Buying Piano Parts At Last!

June 20, 2022

After so long, we are very happy to share our news:

we are buying piano parts!

The last year has been a time of huge change and challenge for all of us.  The Future Piano team have faced their share of delays and difficulties but we are delighted to tell you that we are now ordering parts for our ground-breaking Standing Grand piano.  Just today we have been finalising some more details before the process begins its next stage.

The team, pictured above, is David Klavins - master piano builder and extraordinary piano innovator, Tim Evans and Chris Vaissiere who are leading all of the radical engineering and frame design involved in the piano, and Sarah Nicolls, Director and long-time inventor of the Standing Grand piano idea.  Sarah is now hoping to be playing the new piano by the end of this year!

The parts we are now ordering

This is the first time we hand over our design to capability beyond our team.

One supplier will build the bottom aluminium frame which holds the pin block and will also manufacture the composite top arch.  Imagine for a moment that Sarah has been hoping to build a composite piano since 2007, so this is a truly momentous day, to finally be purchasing this element in particular!  As the most expensive individual part, we also refresh our thanks to everyone who supported the Kickstarter project.

Something more familiar to pianos all over the world, the soundboard has also been ordered and will arrive safely with David for its final shaping for the unique Standing Grand design.  Although a traditional element made from spruce, David's work on his own pianos over many years has allowed him to develop a fine tuning of this fundamental sounding part, crucial for making the new piano sound fantastic.

The final supplier will be producing the final detailed CAD drawings for manufacture - design for manufacture is a crucial step between the extensive Future Piano design development and actually making the structural parts and ensuring they fit together perfectly.  This company will also be providing metallic machining services for various unique elements – nearly 20 bespoke, connecting metal parts.

The timeline for 2021

Once we have purchased the separate parts, they will travel to David Klavins in Latvia, where assembly will take place in his highly specialist and beautiful studio.  We are currently aiming to finish the piano by the beginning of October, just over one year late, as seems to be the way with many things in the pandemic.  We strongly hope that things are a lot more stable by then, so that we can get on with inviting you to our Standing Grand launch and celebrating this result of committed engineering and creativity with you.  We very much look forward to meeting many of you there.

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