Help us build the world's first Standing Grand piano

February 21, 2019

Help us build the world's first Standing Grand piano.

Crowdfund launches today!


After ten years of making and playing prototypes, the time has come to build a new piano from scratch. I've found the right engineers - Tim & Chris, who bring 30 years' aerospace experience - and the most talented and open-minded piano builder - David Klavins, known for his extraordinary UC and M450 pianos. We have undertaken a vast amount of work to design the best instrument and are now primed and ready to build it. 

Our Kickstarterlaunches today: 60 days to find £40,000.

We have come as far as we can on funding,so we're now asking for your help. If you want to:

  • support the development of a grand piano to fit more easily into your life
  • play, or hear the piano played, in more adventurous ways
  • help Sarah go out on tour in a much cleaner, greener way
  • have grand pianos available at many more varied venues in the future

..then please supportthe Kickstarter. Designing and making a lightweight acoustic piano is a hugely complex engineering problem (because of the massive tension of the piano strings) and we have to do this one step at a time but this *is* a step on a journey to making the Standing Grand available around the world.

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