our people
The Future Piano team comprises risk-taking experts at the top of their very different disciplines: music performance, aerospace engineering and instrument building.
Sarah Nicolls
Sarah Nicolls is a pioneering pianist who has premiered hundreds of new piano works. She has performed across the world and broadcasts regularly on BBC Radio 3. She began reinventing the piano in 2008 and currently performs on a hacked 1900 Erard grand piano.
Tim Evans & Chris Vaissière
Tim and Chris work in the fields of high performance structural components, advanced materials, wind turbine blades and laminar flow enabling technologies. Tim has spent 35 years in the discipline of stress and structural analysis within the UK and European Aerospace and allied Mechanical fields. Over the last 18 years, Chris has been primarily working on airframe structural analysis tasks for AIRBUS. 
David Klavins
David Klavins is a world-leading innovator in piano building, with two of his own outstanding designs already in production: the UC piano and the M450. Read more about David here.